About Me

Hello and Welcome to Lotus Heart Crystals and Healing. 


My name is Tracy Kelly and I have been providing holistic therapies and healing services in Grimsby for 13 years. My family and many friends always commented on my healing hands and it prompted me to begin my own journey of discovery into energy healing when I was introduced to Reiki in the early 2000's. 

I was initially attuned to Reiki 1 in 2007. The energy was beautiful, gentle and profound. I enjoyed the aspect of self-healing, as in order to heal others you have to be able to heal yourself.

Fast forward and 2008 came along, and I was ready for Reiki 2 but with another master. I immediately felt the tingling and flow of reiki after my attunement,  I was excited to begin my own Reiki practice and accept clients. I worked for 2 years in my own home gaining experience and also a year after received my teacher attunement, little did I know that I was 8 weeks pregnant at the time and gave birth to a beautiful but premature girl in 2009.

I have 2 beautiful children to this day.

It was my intention after taking my master attunement to start teaching straight away. After receiving guidance from my own teacher, I researched and read many books and decided to write my own manuals and have now been teaching for 11 successful years.

I started teaching Reiki online 10 years ago as I felt that Reiki was inaccessible for a lot of people especially those that lived in small towns or particularly for those that did not drive or had to look after small children. My online students have succeeded and have excelled as healers in their own right through the support of my online programmes as one would receive in an in person course.

I am still learning and still rewriting my manuals as I gain valuable experience and knowledge from my students and my own clients.

At present, I am still teaching and continue to take on clients for reiki sessions. I also currently run regular Reiki shares and meet ups with other reiki practitioners or masters within North East Lincolnshire.

I am very grateful and blessed to have Reiki in my life.