June 14, 2019

It has been a while since I have written a blog post but something cropped up this week that inspired me to put words to paper.  I love to make people smile and them feel good about themselves. Of course this is also a part of my life purpose in helping people but some...

August 23, 2017

Shew I don't know where to start with this. Yesterday I got wind of Doreen Virtue changing her spiritual path. I am not going to bash her and be judgmental but am feeling a huge loss of a spiritual teacher that I adored and admired. Let me begin by telling you that I h...

May 28, 2017

Being attuned to Reiki is a foundation for self-care... Always! Having the ability to heal your children and loved ones is such a gift.

"A connection to Reiki is all you need to change your life" (Phyllis Furomoto).

Healing your child creates not only a connection but a...

March 31, 2017

Intention means (noun) a thing intended, an aim or plan

Intuition means (noun) – the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning or something that you plan to do or achieve, a thing that one knows.

These are so powerful used in...

February 21, 2017

Reiki has so many benefits for your well-being. Reiki is life force energy, an energy that also flows through us all.  At times our own energy deflates and we become ill. This is because imbalances occur in our energy centres. Reiki works on clearing and unblocking thi...

February 20, 2017

Crystals hold energetic vibration just as we do and it is no wonder that we can become intune with earth's creations as we are all made up of “energy”. You simply cannot just select a crystal and start working with it because there are a number of factors at work here.


January 10, 2017

We are all born with a Guardian Angel that remains with us through our earthly existence. Angels are very gentle beings that lovingly protect us always. You do not have to be psychic to know and feel your Angel. We are all born psychic but some of us lose the ability o...

January 6, 2017

A sacred space is a place where you can sit in meditation, reflect and centre, pray or tune into your angels, guides or loved ones. You can make a space anywhere in your home which is special to you.

You can use this space for many things like journaling, sleeping or ca...

June 23, 2016

The method I use to make my soaps with is melt and pour. It’s very simple however there still has to be control in the kitchen and I’m pretty much a perfectionist. The bases I buy are from Stephenson’s Personal Care and they offer a variety of opaque and transparent so...

June 13, 2016

As of June 2016 we now have 113 Angel Palm Beads in existence. The first ever Angel Palm Bead was the Rose Quartz Angel Palm Bead and this was gifted to a very good friend of mine. This year Angel Palm Beads turned 5 years old and I am very proud that my beads have hel...

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