I offer three options for Pet Reiki:


I can visit the environment where your pet is most comfortable and perform Reiki on your pet once your pet has got used to me. Usually in this case we go through the consultation form and have a general chat.


Secondly, you bring your pet to me. Again, pet Reiki takes place in my own home. We will discuss your pet and I will make any observations and then perform Reiki.


Thirdy, I also offer Distant Pet Reiki. This is carried out distantly and will last approximately 20 minutes.


Animals love Reiki and animal distant reiki is a wonderful, gentle and non invasive treatment. It does not cause stress, discomfort, and yet yields amazing benefits and results.

Reiki helps maintain healthy and strong immune systems and general health for your furbaby.

I do not charge for the Reiki but do ask for a donation for my time. The time limit to send Reiki to animals is 15 - 20 minutes as animals are fairly sensitive to Reiki and have found that 15 minutes is plenty.

All I need to send Reiki to your pet, is their Name, City, and Country. Contact me here to make a booking/appointment.