Online Home Study - £40.00

In-Person Study - £180.00

(Please contact me to book a date

Payment is made on the day of your course)

This course teaches how to use the three sacred Reiki symbols which open you to the full potential of Reiki energy.


This degree helps to amplify and increase the Reiki energy, and enables the Practitioner to send distant healing. It also enables you to work professionally or alternatively to progress with your own healings and self development. 

There are two attunements and 3 sacred symbols.
Entry Requirements: Reiki First Degree


As part of your course you will receive:

My own Reiki Second Degree Manual which will be emailed to you.

In person students will receive a printed manual.

1 long distant attunement.

Five Distant Healing Case Studies and Five in Person Healing Case Studies. 

Revision Exercises and Activities.

You Tube Instructional videos throughout your studies.

Regular Progress calls to connect and discuss.

Support and a Certificate with full lineage will be provided once case studies are complete. 

Once I have received payment from online students, I will send you a confirmation email with possible dates to carry out your attunement.


I will then email you a copy of my Guide to taking courses with Lotus Heart Crystals and Healing and your manual for you to read before your attunements and course.