Melt & Pour some technical stuff

The method I use to make my soaps with is melt and pour. It’s very simple however there still has to be control in the kitchen and I’m pretty much a perfectionist. The bases I buy are from Stephenson’s Personal Care and they offer a variety of opaque and transparent soap bases.

My favourites contain goats milk and shea butter. I do like the plain bases as they are still moisturising but the shea butter provides a lovely skin feel and has amazing benefits. This particular base is Vegetable based melt and pour soap base, made from natural ingredients and free from any surfactants or MPG (mono propylene glycol). You must be thinking what do all these technical terms mean.. Simply this is whats in my soaps:

No surfucants – A surfacant is a surface active agent that stabilize mixtures of oil and water

No MPG - this is a clear, colourless, and viscous liquid with a characteristic odour. In the personal care industry it is used as a moisturizer.

Glycerin - Glycerin is a skin-identical and skin-repairing ingredient, meaning it is a substance found naturally in skin that provides a high moisturing content in soaps.

Aqua – Water

Sorbitol - it is a humectant, thickening agent

Butyrospermum Parkii is (Shea butter)

Sodium Laurate – is a sodium salt or lauric acid (cleansing agent).

Sodium Stearate - Sodium salt of stearic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate – safe to be used in cosmetics but can provide irritation with eyes and skin.

Goats Milk - Goats milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals and rich in butterfats which makes it the perfect moisturiser. Vitamin E, which is the skin’s best friend, is found in abundance. There are no added colours or scents. A creamy smooth texture that is a fabulous moisturiser and nourishing for the skin.

Shea butter is High in Vitamin E, D & Provitamin A and helps with acne, eczema and rashes. It is Anti-Inflammatory and helps remove dead skin cells.

Oatmeal / Organic Oats – is exfoliating, treats dry skin and relieves skin irritations.

When I produce a soap I provide all the ingredients on a soap label which is stuck on the wrapping of the soap or will be included in your packaging. I also include colouring as well as fragrance and essential oils and dried flowers, though some of my soaps are non-scented.

The two new soaps are Rose soap which contains Shea Butter and Oatmeal Soap which contains Organic Oats, Oatmeal and Shea Butter.

Available at my shop here

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