Creating a Sacred Altar / Space

A sacred space is a place where you can sit in meditation, reflect and centre, pray or tune into your angels, guides or loved ones. You can make a space anywhere in your home which is special to you.

You can use this space for many things like journaling, sleeping or carrying out light exercise. The point is for the place to be sacred to you.

We lead busy lives and with so much negativity around us it is nice to still the mind in a positive an peaceful place.

You can also create an altar in your space. Creating an altar is a sacred process to create healing, harmony or manifest what you want in your life.

Set your intention for your Altar. Your intention can be healing, hope, courage, love, abundance, education, balance and more.

You can add flowers, crystals, candles, cushions, curtains, ornaments, lights, a photo or affirmation.

Make sure you cleanse your altar before you set affirmations and bless it.

Care for your altar as you would a loving friend.

My sacred place and altar

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