5 Ways to connect with your Guardian Angels

We are all born with a Guardian Angel that remains with us through our earthly existence. Angels are very gentle beings that lovingly protect us always. You do not have to be psychic to know and feel your Angel. We are all born psychic but some of us lose the ability once we reach childhood.

You may intuitively know who your Guardian Angel is but for others making the initial connection is a bit harder. There are several ways in which you can meet your angel.

1. Connect with your Angel through a Guided Meditation

There are many wonderful meditations on the market, YouTube. I wrote a gentle meditation through channel with Archangel Michael. This can be purchased here

2. Ask your Angel to visit in a dream

This is a really wonderful way to connect to your angel on the etheric plane or dream state. Ask your Angel to help your remember your dreams. Keep on asking before you go to sleep as it could take a few days or weeks for your Angels to appear to you. When your angel visits take it as a blessing and see it as a wonderful reunion on an astral level.

3. Ask your Angel to send you messages and signs in the physical world

If you are wanting help or a sign that your Angel is there, then just ask! Its about being aware of what is around you energetically. Common signs are feathers, coins, birds, and numbers. Each of these signs have significance. Often sometimes it can be a number plate, or a series of words on an advertisement. In any event, be patient, the messages will appear when the time is right.

4. Create an Angel Altar

Create an Angel altar in an area of your house where you can connect with your Angels. You can decorate your altar with Angel ornaments, crystals (like Angelite, Angel Aura), Flowers, and Candles. You can also add these pocket angels that I have in my shop. You can pray, reflect or just sit peacefully and ask your Angels to be with you. Of course when you are connecting to your Angels always ask for protection from the holy spirit, surround yourself in white light or Archangel Michael.

5. Connect with an Angel Palm Bead

Created by myself they are a wonderful way to enhance your connection to the angelic realm. They were created with Archangel Raphael using crystals that have been cleansed, charged and infused with angelic energy. Holding the Angel Palm Bead promotes comfort and well being during relaxation, meditation, prayer and in times of grief and anxiety.

Angel Palm Beads can be purchased through my shop on Etsy.

There are many ways to connect with your Angel. Once you've gained that connection you have it for life. Remember your angels are always with you, even if you are not aware. Once you have awareness of them, it truly is the greatest of blessings.

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