Gaining a personal connection with your crystal

Crystals hold energetic vibration just as we do and it is no wonder that we can become intune with earth's creations as we are all made up of “energy”. You simply cannot just select a crystal and start working with it because there are a number of factors at work here.

When you receive your crystal it is important to cleanse your crystal using your own methods. This begins the personal connection that you are going to gain with your crystal.

  1. Cleanse your crystal using white sage. The smoke has cleansing properties that Native Americans use to this day. Waft the smoke around your crystal. When you feel it is cleansed you can begin holding and carrying your crystal. This is my number one method for cleansing a crystal without damaging it.

  2. Cleanse your crystal under water. This is a more gentle form but imagine the white light of the holy spirit penetrating your crystal. Though be careful as some crystals can dissolve in water.

Forming a bond with your crystal

Now you need to establish a relationship with your crystal, your own personal connection with each crystal. The best way is to hold one every couple of days to gain a connection with that stone. Often your own intuition will let you know the purpose of the crystal. Each has specific uses but forming a personal connection will help you find out uses of that crystal especially for healing. Keep a diary as well to keep notes and feelings you get from your stone. You can hold your particular chosen crystal for a few days or even a week, or a month to get to know your crystal.

Using your crystals

1.Bathe with them 2. Carry them in your pocket/purse 3. Wear them (Mount them in jewelry) 4. Hold them in meditation or during the day 5. Keep them on a shelf/altar/bedside or anywhere in your house/office 6. Give them away (crystals make wonderful gifts) 7. Place them in contact with your skin

8. Place them under your pillow

Programming your crystal

Hold your crystal with your non-dominant hand (this is your hand you don't write with). Sit in a quiet place and think of the intention you want for your crystal. This could be from attracting abundance; manifesting love; staying grounded; or helping with healing of a particular chakra. You can also add affirmations as well to help with the healing process.

Charging your crystals

Your crystals will absorb energy and also will absorb negative energies as well. It is important to cleanse them after a few days of use using the methods above.

The best way to charge your crystals is to use the sun and the moons energies

Place your crystals on a windowsill that has exposure to the sun or the moon. This is a wonderful way as well to energise your crystals from the energy of the sun. The luna energy is very gentle and loving and infuses your crystal with nurturing energy from mother moon. Leave your crystals on the windowsill for 24 hours so that they can absorb both celestial energies.

You can also infuse your crystals with the healing energy of Reiki and the Angelic realm as I do.

I hope your crystals bring you love, peace and healing. Blessings Tracy

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