How Reiki can naturally benefit your own well-being

Reiki has so many benefits for your well-being. Reiki is life force energy, an energy that also flows through us all. At times our own energy deflates and we become ill. This is because imbalances occur in our energy centres. Reiki works on clearing and unblocking this energy.

Seeking a Reiki Practitioner or healer is the best way to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Often healing takes time and normally is not just related to a physical symptom but can be more deep rooted such as emotional or mental. Working with the practitioner can uncover many aspects under the surface.

In this day and age the majority of us have so many hang ups, anxiety and emotional issues. We hold on to our past and this affects us in the physical. The emotions we conceal or express can manifest into physical symptoms.

Reiki triggers your body to naturally heal itself to improve and maintain your own health and wellbeing. Reiki is gentle, loving and is non-judgmental.

Some of the benefits of Reiki are :

- promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

- helping you feel more at peace within yourself.

- promoting better sleep.

- reducing blood pressure

- reducing depression and anxiety

- healing infections and inflammations

- enabling emotional clarity and spiritual growth

There are many more wonderful healing benefits of Reiki, why don't you try it for yourself and let me know what helps you.

I leave you with this wonderful quote from our Founder Mikao Usui.

Many Reiki Blessings and Love


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