Reiki is all you need

Being attuned to Reiki is a foundation for self-care... Always! Having the ability to heal your children and loved ones is such a gift.

"A connection to Reiki is all you need to change your life" (Phyllis Furomoto).

Healing your child creates not only a connection but a loving energetic connection. Spending 20 minutes to care and heal your child through Reiki in a protected space is fantastically healing for their mind, body and soul. Reiki heals on all levels and children are very receptive to energy.

I attuned both my children when they were young, so Reiki healing has been a natural part of their lives growing up. My children aged 10 and 7 respectively, are now at the age to understand the deeper spiritual meaning that Reiki is. Since they were young just touching an area that may be hurting and allowing the reiki to flow has helped them immensely understand that self-care is extremely important to living a spiritually aware life.

Children are under so many pressures today, and giving Reiki is a complete treatment that helps to reduce stress, promotes relaxation and aligns and balances the chakras.

Regular treatments on your children and yourself are very beneficial as Reiki is such a positive and loving energy that is always readily available with the simple act of "touch".

Learning Reiki to heal yourself and others is pretty simple. Reiki is simple.

Reiki First Degree is a Foundation for Life. Learning Reiki enhances your daily life, bringing happiness and well-being through the system of Natural Reiki Healing.

I teach courses online and in-person. To learn more about what Reiki is and How to study with me click here.

ॐ Namaste ॐ


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