Honour your space

It has been a while since I have written a blog post but something cropped up this week that inspired me to put words to paper. I love to make people smile and them feel good about themselves. Of course this is also a part of my life purpose in helping people but sometimes people take a massive advantage of this and I think this is quite common with highly sensitive souls and people who give on a daily basis, but for me this is such a part of my nature and it makes me feel happy.

However, sometimes life can throw curve balls and it did so this week in my personal life which left me feeling disappointed and deflated. I literally wanted to crawl into a hole and hideaway. I have confided in close friends and family about the situation. The past few months have been a mix of emotions, from joy, to fear, to stress and celebration. This is life and truly I am so proud and grateful of my journey and the way it is unfolding. But, I wanted to discuss that sometimes we have to allow ourselves the time to just shut ourselves down from the world, away from social media, our mobiles, and people. Yes, people. No adulting!

Just to be in your own space surrounded by your own thoughts, and feelings. My own life is so fast paced, that my thoughts sometimes escape me. It's often in times of overwhelm that I feel I must escape to the beach. Just looking at the gentle waves, dipping and rising is just a reminder of life itself, the ups and downs. It's here where I love to contemplate the way forward and upon reflection look towards the positives again.

There is no rhyme or reason to explain yourself nor is there a time limit for inner healing. It is important to take as long as you need.

In honouring your own space, you must therefore also honour another's. Having a deeper understanding of others mental health and their needs is important and in doing so you recognise that as long as they have a support system in place, they are to be left alone to just be.

With love, Tracy

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