In-person and Home Study Courses

Learn the ancient art of Reiki and invest in healing yourself and others

Welcome! I teach the traditional system of Usui Natural Healing where I offer Reiki courses from Beginner to Master Level as an in-person and home study course.  The courses offer personal growth and development with one to one tutoring.


The attunements instantly connect you to the Universal Life Force energy. In addition, you are given the amazing healing gift for healing yourself and others on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Reiki is simple and can be learned by anyone. You just need to be open minded and be prepared for a new and exciting journey.


Whatever your reasons are for learning Reiki, your life will change for the better.  Learn Reiki to experience an inspirational and enlightening journey of self-discovery.


The Level 1 and 2 course prepares you both for professional practice and personal use of Reiki. The Master course helps you to further develop your Reiki abilities and gives you everything you need to teach Reiki confidently and professionally.



The benefits of learning Reiki

Reiki can be a way of life, the start of a very fulfilling and spiritual journey leading to understanding, enlightment, happiness and ultimate oneness. Reiki heals on all levels. It flows to areas of need soothing pain and supporting the bodies natural ability to heal itself.  Everyone that comes to Reiki will have their own reasons. Reiki can just be a search for the "right" direction, self-healing of oneself, to healing family/friends or a new career.


One has to be attuned to the energy by a Reiki Master/Teacher which involves connecting the student to the life force energy via a Sacred Ceremony. 

Studying with me - Home Study

Teaching Reiki online as a Home study course still offers the same amount of support as an in-person course apart from the attunement not being in-person. The attunement takes place distantly.

I have been teaching students distantly for 10 years and I enable students worldwide to access the gift of reiki that they may unable to do locally. The saying is that the student finds the teacher and I am always honoured to be chosen by my students. With my online courses you will receive:

  • An emailed manual with detailed information and instructions.

  • Invitation to a Facebook Group.

  • An initial Facebook introduction call.

  • Various Youtube instructional videos.

  • Full support via email.

  • Your attunement.

  • A follow up progress call.

  • Case studies to be completed.

  • Another progress call

  • An official certificate will be posted on completion of your course.

  • Full lifetime support will be provided.

Find more about all 3 online courses below including the purchasing of your online course.

Studying with me - In person

Please select the separate links below to find more about what each course involves and individual prices. Please contact me to discuss or arrange a date to study with me.

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Are you ready for Reiki?, Watch the video 


I have just become a Reiki Master with Tracy. The courses Tracy runs are very well organised and also room for free flow as well when we are drifting off into the reiki energy. Been lovely getting to know Tracy and her lovely family at the regular reiki shares and really looking forward to running reiki workshops very soon.

Kelly Chester

Grimsby UK

Tracy has taught me Level One Reiki face to face and Reiki Two by distant course. Both experiences were extraordinary, valuable and comforting. Tracy's enthusiasm and gentle nature are  a blessing to have. She is a wonderful teacher and gave me all the support I needed, giving me regular contact and guidance. I'm looking forward to completing Reiki 3 with Tracy and have eagerly recommended her to others without hesitation.

Rachel Hickson

Doncaster, UK

Tracy attuned me to Reiki 1 and 2 which was an amazing experience. I have since gone on to study Reiki Master with her and find that I use Reiki everyday. Whenever i am stressed I give myself Reiki  and i find it calming and therapeutical and although I know I can use it on other peope I did it mainly for myself and my own self-healing.

Carole Sanderson

Surrey, UK

Tracy is an excellent teacher. Readily available and a wonderful guide. The Case Studies are an excellent way to practice and the format allows you to work at your own pace as your schedule allows.  Your course offered me something I cannot get locally. It provided a gateway to something beautiful and new. That attunement was very real. The energy flowing through me now is very real.

Sheila Howe


I had a wonderful experience learning Reiki 2 with Tracy.  She is truly a warm and caring person who made me feel completely at ease during the day and very welcoming to her home.  She is a very good teacher with 100% support during and after training.  I will definately be going back to learning Reiki 3 with Tracy.

Emma Ridgeway

Grimsby, UK

First of all I would like to say thank you Tracy.  This is for allowing me into her home for the day  to do my Reiki Second degree training enabling me to become a reiki practitioner. To begin with we reviewed Reiki One and Tracy answered any questions giving me a much better understanding. We were then able to move onto Reiki Two. This included a further attunement. We then went over the Reiki Two syllabus thoroughly. I then did a treatment on a client with Tracy's guidance. She made me feel at ease and I have learned so much.  Tracy is a good teacher and would recommed her to anyone wanting to learn Reiki.

Ann Morris

Immingham, UK

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